Rapeseed unscented tealights


Product Description

Rapeseed unscented tealights

Handmade tealights in pleasant pastel colors, whose beautiful spring colors and warm flame bring brilliance and coziness to your home.

Made from natural, pure European rapeseed wax , 100% cotton wicks.

The candle burns with a high-quality clean and beautiful flame for 4.5 – 5 hours

15 pieces in a package  has at least 5 different colors.

If you have a specific color request, please write it in the information box. Scented white tealights are also available.

We prefer rapeseed wax because: 100% natural Nordic raw material, resulting a smaller natural footprint unlike soy and palm wax. Biodegradable, not tested on animals, produced from non-genetically modified raw materials, kosher, allergy-free, soot-free on burning and easy to remove stains with warm water.

Estonian handicraft



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