Kauba 3a, Võhma, Viljandimaa

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Our story

When Swiss born Peter Wütrich was only eight years old there was a poster hanging on his wall dated 1936.
This wall hanging displayed all the European military aircraft in existence at this time and there, spreading it’s steel wings among them, was an Estonian aircraft.
For some inexplicable reason, from amongst all the planes, young Peter’s gaze was attracted to just this blue, black and white tailed iron bird.

Years later when little Peter had grown into a man, Estonia still held a fascination for him, so much so that he longed to see the country with his own eyes. In 1996 he had the unforgettable experience of stepping onto Estonian soil for the first time and has ever since considered Estonia his home. Two years later, Peter began to live in a small town in Estonia called Võhma. In the year 2000 he and his German wife, Elke, launched a family business, which became the first small enterprise in the town following the closure of the local meat factory. Today this family enterprise has grown and operates in several areas under it’s own trademark of the ‘Võhma Valgusevabrik’ (Võhma Light Factory). The Võhma Light Factory produces 1250 truly enchanting candles every day and these beautiful sources of light captivate people in Estonia and beyond.


Our candles

The candle factory manager, Peter, says, “The impossible can be had immediately but miracles take a little time.’ Based on this attitude, the Võhma Light Factory tries to fulfill each of it’s customer’s requests. The Võhma Light Factory doesn’t merely produce candles that light up rooms on dark evenings but creates individual works of art. Every candle is completely unique. Amongst them you can find beautiful examples of classical style as well as candles designed for the modern contemporary home. All Võhma Light Factory candles are made from high quality paraffin using a closely guarded secret recipe. From this mysterious mixture and with great love and care come unique, handmade candles.


Our aim

Our aim is to do our very best in providing you with products that bring joy and light into your room, making it even cozier! We have divided different tasks between three companies. Eesti Valgus OÜ (Estonian Light Ltd.) manufactures high-quality colour permeated, table- and scented candles, which have for years decorated many homes both in Estonia and abroad. Gift Line OÜ sells candles and other locally handcrafted products. This team also includes our artists who decorate wedding candles, prepare handmade cards and other decorations. Thirdly, the charity Sinule (For You), through which was opened an ice rink in Võhma, and for which the aim is, through various projects, to make many people's lives easier and even more exciting.


A candle is a detail that adds nuance and creates the mood in every home. A living flame warms the soul and the body. In nature we see an abundance of exciting colours. Natural colour tones, the rough surface and the flaky structure of marble give our candles an aesthetically pleasing appearance and powerful beauty. Võhma Light Factory’s product range includes almost 160 different colours, so that everyone can find one to their liking. A wide range of colours provides opportunity to combine different candles to create a beautiful composition. All the candles are coloured throughout.

Painted and decorated candles

We make many different styles of decorated candles to celebrate different occasions, whether it is for a wedding, a birthday or some other celebration. Võhma Light Factory artists will create memorable gifts according to every customer’s request.

Fragrances and fragrance packages

Warm candlelight and pleasant aromas will create a romantic mood in your home. From our large selection you will definitely find a fragrance to suit you. Our products are made from only the highest quality materials with specially designed aromatic ingredients from France and Germany. The aromatherapy oils that we use in our candles are mostly derived from natural essential oils although the amount used varies between fragrances. Our candles are full of aromatic fragrance and fill the whole room with a pleasant aromatic scent while burning or even when unlit, simply sitting on a shelf.