Kauba 3a, Võhma, Viljandimaa

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About us



Our story

When Peter Wüthrich from Switzerland was only eight, a poster printed in 1936 hung on the wall of his bedroom. The military aircraft of all the European countries of that time adorned this wall decoration, and among them the Estonian aircraft also spread its steel wings. For some inexplicable reason, little Peter's eye caught this blue-black-white one.

Years later, when little adult had finally grown out of little Peter, Estonia still fascinated him. So much so that Peter came to see the land that had fascinated him for a long time with his own eyes.

In 1997, Peter visited Estonia and, wanting to contribute to the growth of the Estonian economy, Peter looked for ways to do so. As an option, he decided to market cheese produced in Estonia to his homeland. In doing so, he had a good chance with a lovely restaurant manager who became his wife a year later.

In 1999, the young couple Peter and Elke Wüthrich moved to Võhma, Estonia. At the same time, they started looking for ways to create a company that would allow both themselves and others to earn a living. Through acquaintances, contact was established with a Swiss entrepreneur. Thus was born the candle factory and the Sillacards limited partnership, led by Elke. Local, well-meaning women recruited to the trust began to make handicraft cards. Today, it has grown into an art studio, where beautiful painted and 3D decorated anniversary candles and craft cards are made.

The family business has grown over the years and operates under several names under the Võhma Valgusevabrik brand. Eesti Valgus OÜ produces, Gift Line OÜ markets and develops candle factory products and MTÜ Sinule is engaged in charity and social work.

All our candles are handmade and we have a total of 18 people in our good production and sales team.


Our aim

Handmade with love from Võhma!

Our story brought us to Võhma. Here we set up our home and business, which would provide jobs, but would also be a marketing sign for a small town. When you say “candle” - you mean Võhma, when you say “Võhma” - you mean candle and not a meat plant…

In today's Estonia, our mission is called social entrepreneurship. For us, this means creating a better working and living environment in the small rural area of ​​Võhma.

In our good team, people who find it difficult to find work in the regular labor market also find work and bread if necessary. We try to create flexible working conditions and strive for the well-being of each team member, so that the work goes smoothly and suits everyone as well as possible. For us, people are the most important.

As a handicraft company, it is important to us that we have also held every candle we have cast and evaluated its quality at every stage of the production process. Local people get a job and each candle is made with added value, which is a personal relationship.

Just as we ourselves depend on customers preferring and supporting local goods and brands, our company decided not to buy cheap raw materials from far away. That is how all our raw materials come from Europe. It will also help keep people in Europe. In addition, it is much more natural and human-friendly.

We are sincerely grateful if people appreciate our activities and support our goals, preferring the products of Võhma Light Factory - in the factory store in Võhma, in sales outlets all over Estonia, at fairs and in the e-shop. We are also happy with customers in Scandinavia, the Baltics, Germany and Switzerland - this is a recognition of the quality of Võhma candles even more.

Elke and Peter Wüthrich

Läbivärvitud antiikküünlad erinevates värvitoonides. Marmorjas struktuur, Võhma Valgusevabriku käsitöö

Antique candles - the widest range of colors

maalitud juubeliküünlad

Handpainted candles for various occasions

Värvilised küünlad, käsitöö. Võhma Valgusevabrik.

Scented candles - the largest choice of fragrances