Turquoise glass candle “Breeze”


Product Description

Turquoise glass candle “Breeze”

Decorative scented candle made of natural canola wax, “Breeze”

When you light the candle, the light plays brilliantly through the glass, becoming a particularly effective table decoration in your home.

Breeze is a modern, fresh and radiant fragrance that gives the impression of purity and light air.

The glass collection is available in six different colors and three sizes and shapes:
oval ∅ 8 cm x height 10 cm
cylinder ∅ 8 cm x height 8.5 cm
stem ∅ 6 x height 10 cm

Properties and benefits of rapeseed wax: biodegradable, not tested on animals, produced from unmodified raw materials, kosher, allergy-free, soot-free when burned.

The canola wax is easy to wash off with warm water to refill the glass.

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