Handmade candle rainbow


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Handmade candle rainbow

“Look, a rainbow!”
Whenever that perfect arc of color streaks across the sky, it grabs our attention.
You can now create this wow effect in your own home.
A nicely sized, unscented, hand-poured table candle is the perfect finishing touch to any room.

Burning time approx. 50 hours.

Once you’ve lit the candle, burn it until the top layer of wax has melted to the edge. Doing this will prevent your candle from burning into the hole.
Before each burning, be sure to cut the wick to a length of about 0.5-1 cm.

Size: height 16 cm, width 5.5 cm, unscented

Candles are handmade from high quality refined paraffin. 100% cottn wick.

Estonian handicraft


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