Gift set For Woman


Product Description

Gift set For Woman

A romantic flower-scented gift set of Võhma Valgusevabriku candles in pastel colors.
Lovely gift idea for women who love flowers, aromas and candlelight.


In the set you will find:

scented candle 5.5×7.5cm, burning time 23h – 2 pcs different

aroma tealights 10 pcs in a pack – 1 pack

rapeseed wax aroma candle in glass 6.5x7cm, 170g – 1pc

flower-shaped scented tealights – 3 different colors

heart-shaped unscented candle 7.5×5.5cm, burning time 23h – 1pc


The candles are handcrafted from high-quality refined paraffin and natural rapeseed wax. 100% cotton wick.

Pure high-quality material selection ensures even burning of the candle and stable aroma diffusion.

Estonian handicrafts