Natural, vegetable wax flakes


Product Description

Natural, vegetable wax flakes

Natural vegetable wax flakes offer a great possibility to use existing containers according to your own taste and create your own candles.

650g box conteins 30 wicks

1700g box conteins 100 wicks

For long buring candles pour flakes on the bottom of a fireproof jar, add the wick with metal food, then fill it as you wish.

For short time burning pour flakes in a jar, cut the wick suitable to the time you wish and put it in the middle of the wax.

You have to try to find the most suitable solution yourself, because it depends on the material of the container (glass, metal, ceramics conduct heat differently), filling height, room temperature, burning time and mood 🙂

If the desired result is not satisfactory, then you are the candle master, extinguish the flame and adjust the will differently. It’s that easy!


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