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Benefits of rape seed wax

Rapsivahaküünlad klaasis erinevad

The rapeseed wax we use is the Nordic raw material that makes candle production significantly more environmentally friendly. The ecological footprint is smaller because the transport distance is shorter. Growing rape under Nordic conditions is a good method to improve soil fertility. Candles from soy and palm wax are popular – not using those materials is our conscious choice. The production of rape wax does not cause monoculture or enviromental damage like destruction of rainforest and increasing inequalities in poorer countries, as it happens in the production of palm or soy wax.
Features and benefits of rape seed wax: biodegradable, not tested on animals, produced from non-GMO raw material, kosher, non-allergenic, soot-free on burning.
The aromatic oils used in our candles have been tested and produced specially for candles.
Unlike soy or other materials, rapeseed wax based candles in a glass are suitable / recomended for long-term burning.