Rapeseed wax candle
“Ginger & Orange” 170g


Product Description

Scented rapeseed wax candle “Ginger & Orange”

Natural rapeseedwax poured in a whisky tumbler, 170g

The magical miracle ginger with citrus orange has a refreshing and sensitizing effect! A popular fragrance in both summer and winter.

6,5 x 7cm, 180ml

burntime approx. 30h

Features and benefits of rape seed wax: biodegradable, not tested on animals, produced from non-GMO raw material, kosher, non-allergenic, soot-free on burning.
The aromatic oils used in our candles have been tested and produced specially for candles.
Unlike soy or other materials, rapeseed wax based candles in a glass are suitable / recomended for long-term burning.

Stop burning the candles if there is less then 1cm left!


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“Ginger & Orange” 170g”

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