A gift set of candles for the whole year


Product Description

A dream gift set of candles in a golden gift box.

We have put together a set of the most popular scented candles for the whole year, twelve months.

Size 5.5 x 7.5, burning time approx. 23h

Aroma selection:

A frosty winter morning in January; blue, black and white (Estonian flag colours) in February; walk in the woods and look forward to spring in March; in April, hoping for the first dandelions; in May we send a sweet kiss to our mummy; in June to July exotic pomegranate and orange; in August blackcurrants; in September we are attracted to plums and in October to apples; in November we long for spices with ginger orange and in December its Christmas 🙂

Enjoy – for a whole year!


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