Rapeseed wax candle “Tartu”


Product Description

Rapeseed wax candle Tartu

A gift idea for those who are away from home or who we are waiting to visit.

Handmade canola wax candle has a stylized picture of most important sights of Tartu on it.

180ml, 6.5 x 7cm, unscented

Burning time ~ 45h

Advantages of rapeseed wax: biodegradable, not tested on animals, produced from non-genetically modified raw materials, kosher, allergy-free, soot-free when burned.

Unlike soy or other materials, it is desirable / suitable for long-term burning of rapeseed wax in a glass (min. 2.5 h).

When burning a candle, a thin layer of wax remains on the sides of the glass and this has been taken into account. Wax on the inside of the candle adds an effect to the picture.

Stop burning the candle if less than 0.5 cm of wax remains at the bottom of the glass.

Estonian handicraft


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