Luxury gift set “My Estonia”


Product Description

Luxury gift set “My Estonia”

In this gift set you will find a luxury selection of handmade candles in Estonian flag colours.

Delight your close Estonian friend with a practical and beautiful present

in which you will find:

Square table candle in flag colors 5.1 x 5.1 x 14.5 cm, 1 pc

Table candle in flag colors 5.5 x 11cm, 1pc

Hand-painted pyramid-shaped candle with rye flowers, 1pc

Set of votive candles in flag colors 4 x 7.5 cm, 1 pc

Festive scented candle in a travel tin, 1pc

Tealights “Champagne party” 10 pcs in a pack, 1 pack

Muffin candle, 1pc

Heart-shaped tealights (blue, black and white), 3 in total

Products purchased individually € 35.80

The gift box is wrapped in cellophane!


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